The horror of the war
in Iraq


In the morning of the 20th of March, 2003, the USA, without any sort of approval from the United Nations, began a military intervention in Iraq, charging the Iraq President Saddam Hussein of WMDs creation in cooperation with the international terrorist organizations, and first of all, with Al-Qaeda. The Hussein regime was brought down rather quickly, and the Iraqi army was defeated; Saddam Hussein himself was executed by hanging. But safety and stability in Iraq were not achieved. The casualty rate of the USA army during the war period in Iraq which lasted from 2003 to 2011 was 4,526. More than 200 thousand civilian people died. The number of people who died on indirect war causes was about 1 million. 1 million 600 thousand people became refugees because of the war. Many civilian cities were completely devastated. In many cities the whole residential blocks were subject to devastation, the civil infrastructure was damaged, there was acute shortage of pure water. Moreover, religious and political conflicts continued, many different extremist groups still existed; the most part of the population crossed the poverty line. Despite all those events, in December 2011 the coalitional forces left Iraq, and the country had to encounter the new threat alone, without any support.On the 10th of June, 2014, the militants from the terroristic organization ISIL began their massive offensive on the Iraq territory. According to different data, the number of militants was from 20 to 30 thousand people. The ISIL militants with huge energy and ferocity were advancing further, capturing cities and conducting demonstrative executions of hundreds of military men, civilian people and journalists. More than 6.5 thousand people died as the result of the ISIL operations. More than 12 thousand people got wounded; about 13 thousand people became refugees. Many big cities and industrial centers of Iraq stand siege of the militants. The local Iraq forces have not received any substantial support from the NATO countries, and they undergo difficulties in countering the attacks of the radicals.The militants continue to conquer the new territories and cause more casualties. The Project informationMaterial Evidence is a unique social international project, created by the group of independent journalists. The main project aim is to present true data of civil wars, state conflicts and the terrorism problems of the 21st century. The objects of the project exhibitions are pictures and material evidence of the tragic events. They were made and brought from the combat operations zones by the journalists from around the world working in the hot spots. The previous project exhibitions devoted to the events in Syria and the Ukraine were successfully organized and conducted in Russia (Moscow, Ufa and Grozny), Belgium (Brussels), Germany (Berlin) and the USA (New York).