The horror of the war
in Afghanistan


On October 6th, 2001, the United States declared the beginning of a war operation called ‘’Enduring Freedom”. War mission in Afghanistan, in which International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), supported by Northern Alliance and then by Afghanistan`s new government, took place, became part of “Enduring Freedom”.The mission`s main objective was to destroy Al-Qaeda and convict its leader Osama bin Laden.This resulted in the longest-running war in the American history and one of the most devastating periods in the history of Afghanistan. During that war the US spent around $ 550 billion and NATO lost almost 3, 5 thousand soldiers. There were also, at a rough estimate, nearly 30 thousand civilian casualties. On May 2, 2011 terrorist №1 was killed. But despite bin Laden`s death, the war operation was ongoing for 2 more years. During the presence of NATO in Afghanistan heroin production (one of the main sources of income for terroristic groups) increased by more than 5 times. The number of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan has increased by 3200%. More and more Afghans, representatives of civil population who hasn’t belonged to any terrorist groups, have been joining the terrorist organizations every year. In July 2013 all safety arrangements became the obligation of the local security agencies. At the same time the limited coalitional group was given the secondary role. Despite the fact that the USA has proclaimed victory in the military operation, still many questions are left, and nobody can find the answers. What was the purpose of the military operation? Did the war bring any benefits for Afghanistan, or only deaths and devastation? What will happen to the country in future? Will not the situation with Afghanistan develop more dramatically in future as it has happened to Iraq?